A wide range of fasteners unified standard characterizes “Commercial Fasteners Srl”: DIN, UNI, ISO. Because of the recent European legislation, we offer immediate availability of structural bolts in controlled tightening EN14399-HR-HV HRC and structural bolts not controlled clamping system EN15048 SB (Structural Bolting)


Immediate availability of all the elements for photovoltaic. Hammer head screws, two way screws, flanged nuts, square nuts, breakaway nuts, hexagon nuts, washers, spring lock washers, drywall screws, basic socket head cap screws or with safety pin, bracket for pitched roofs and not, bolts square neck, anti-theft screws. Adjustable, fixed and mounting brackets, anti-theft screws. Central terminal in galvanized sheet metal – high. Central terminal in galvanized sheet metal – low. Side terminal for mounting modules h = 35-40-44-50. Central terminal, aluminum terminal and connecting beam carrier. Use in structure with high load. Different screws for mounting. Profiles and / or panels. Poles for foundations. Turned anti-theft screw customized.


Our company offers its customers numerous combinations in terms of quality and quantity of marine accessories. The experience gained over the years in the Italian and portual shipbuilding, allows us to guarantee products of stainless steel (A2-A4), excellent quality, quick delivery and competitive prices. In addition, the company through its “know-how” has included the PRESSFITTING products, the innovative system of pipes and press fittings for plumbing and heating systems in carbon steel and in stainless steel 316L


Commercial Fasteners Srl is specialized in the supply of large plants, industries and metal structural


Our group is a leader in providing elements (foundation bolts, screws, nuts, etc …) for the petrochemical industry in various forms and in all materials.


The special screws is all that is not available on the market because it does not conform to the standard rules and tables. COMMERCIAL FASTENERS designs and manufactures with precision and expertise the customer’s demands of special screws, printed in cold, in hot and turned

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